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Dr. Natalie Lambert / Catherine Disher
Character - Star

Dr. Natalie Lambert

Forensic Patholgist and Mortal privy to Nick's secret

Dr. Natalie Lambert is a Forensic Pathologist working hand-in-hand with the Toronto Police Department.

She met Nick one night when she was working late on her twenty-eighth birthday. He was brought in from a pipe bomb explosion and presumed dead. He rose from his death bed right then and there. She is the only mortal privy to Nick's dark secret.

She tries to help him to be mortal again.



Fans of Natalie are Natpackers.



Catherine Disher


A graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada, she received a Gemini Award nomination for best performance in a continuing leading dramatic role following her first season as Natalie on "Forever Knight."

Disher appeared in NBC's movie of the week "Woman on the Run: The Lawrencia Benbenek Story," and has played numerous roles in a variety of Canadian productions including her Gemini nominated performance as Dulcie Dobbs in the award-winning CBC production of "Grand Larceny." Other appearances include her portrayal of Lola in the drama special "Private Capital" and in "Conspiracy of Silence," both for the CBC. Catherine has also appeared as a series regular on "TNT" and "War of the Worlds," and has guest-starred on "Street Legal," "Gold," "The Campbells," "Kung Fu: The Legend Continues" and "Night Heat."

An accomplished stage performer, Catherine has performed at the Royal Alexandra Theatre in "The Nerd" and "Pride and Predjudice," at the Tarragon Theatre in "On the Verge" and "Waiting for the Parade," and at Canadian Stage in "Better Living" and "The House of Alba." And for the past year Catherine has been working on her most challenging role to date in the critically acclaimed Cedric Smith co-production entitled "Major Darcy Smith."

Catherine's film credits include Lauron Productions' "Shoot Me" and the Twentieth Century Fox production of "The Frankenstein Factor."




A New Life (1988)
The Vindicator (1986)


TV Movies
Conspiracy of Silence (1991)
Grand Larceny (1992)
Night Heat (1985?)
The Psychic (1992)
Woman on the Run:
The Lawrencia Bembenek
Story (1993)


TV Shows
Alfred Hitchcock Presents:
In the Name of Science
Forever Knight (1992-1995)
Friday the 13th, the Series:
Coven of Darkness (1989)
Double Exposure (1988)
Kung Fu, The Legend Continues:
Straitjacket (1993)
Rin Tin Tin--K9 Cop:
Day of Jeopardy (1993)
Street Legal:
(2 unknown episodes)
T & T (1987-1988)
War of the Worlds (1989-1990)
X-Men (1993-1995)


Stage Performances
Better Living (1986)
(St. Lawrence Ct., Toronto)
Love Letters (1994, summer)
The Nerd
Pride and Prejudice (1987)
(Theatre, Edmonton?)





"Forever Knight" is a one-hour, action and police drama produced by Paragon Entertainment Corporation in association with TriStar Television and Germany's Telemnchen, and syndicated domestically by Columbia TriStar Television Distribution.



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